Saturday, 20 August 2011

Meet us!

Now you've met our guests, why not find out more about the regulars?

In early 2010, sitting in the back room of a Glasgow pub, Jane Overton approached three strange gentlemen with a brilliant idea: let's take the punch, humour and humanity of the spoken word evenings we enjoy and bring them to the Edinburgh Fringe. So, who is Jane Overton and who are these strange men? Well, read on!

Not only do we give you words, you can also have pictures and videos. In fact, there are quite a few clips of us on the Internet. In most of them, we are wearing clothes, but you never know what you might find when you start cyber-stalking us.

In the meantime, enjoy the brief summary information below, complete with one performance poem each...

Jane Overton

A new veteran of the performance poetry scene, Jane loosely runs "Arguments and Nosebleeds" from command central in North Ayrshire. With her hands held to heaven, she can be heard to entreat gods of inconvenience in her signature piece poem "Exodus" - as captured on film and incorporated into our logo (despite occasional cringes when she recognises said image as herself). You can see Jane in full flow below with another favourite, "Here is the news":

Robin Cairns

Robin is one of Scotland's leading performance poets. Winner of many a slam himself, he is the organiser and host of poetry slams across the west of Scotland, including the annual Scottish Poetry Slam Championship at the Aye Write! book festival, as well as poetry and spoken word evenings such as "Last Monday at Rio!" in Glasgow's west end. Robin is known best for quick-fire lyrical comedy, but below you can see the master craftsman trying out a more serious piece of work, "Coming Of Age In The Riot City", at the "Words and Music" night at Sammy Dow's pub in Strathbungo, Glasgow (where the four of us meet, perform and plot our collaborations):

Find out, and see, more on Robin's website.

Alex Frew

If you see a man playing the guitar with evangelical fervour, or giving it up rapper style-ee, or sporting kilt, jumper and an improbable accent, then that's probably Alex in performance mode. Another Ayrshire person, he has been bewildering audiences with satire and lunacy that draws from all four corners of this square world. Here he is, giving a relatively muted performance of "McGonagal Widnae Die":

Chris Young

Chris is a young-ish man experienced at writing in the third person (being the group's webmaster and social media bod). His London accent belies 18 years spent in Scotland. A poetry slam champion with theatrical stylings, Chris performs poetry, parodies, comic songs and burlesque, as well as being a ventriloquist and magician's assistant. Below, you can see him in after-dinner mode (only before the dinner, so as to give an "Address to a Vegetarian Haggis"):

For more news, photos and footage, visit his website.

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